"Funky Expedition" Cassette Tape

"Funky Expedition" Cassette Tape


Mad Cleva's project "Funky Expedition" is avaliable on cassette. Emitting high quality sound to your ears, each tape is recorded by Mad Cleva himself combined with a double-coating technique to enhance overall tape output levels. Each tape will come in random colors; orange, purple, green, red, & pink.


Special dedication to Andrew Silva.



1. find the funk

2. come the funk down

3. act funky

4. mind funk

5. still funk

6. don't fight the funk

7. winds of funk

8. way i funk

9. want the funk

10. light funk

11. big funk theory

12. funkin' with my x

13. face the funk

14. do you still funk

15. funk in redd

16. on funk


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